Trekking Mount Semeru 2 Day 1 Night

Trekking Mount Semeru 2 Day 1 Night

Trekking Mount Semeru 2 Days 1 Night by Private Tour Would Be Fun

Semeru Trekking Tour offers the best experience from the highest peak in Indonesia located in East Java. There are so many people want to go to the peak since this is the highest mountain and the sensation might be different. Trekking Mount Semeru 2 Day 1 Night by Private Tour is much more fun than sharing tour, because you can go with your friend that has the same hobby as yours which is hiking and trekking. Then, It is also fun to meet new people when to do the trek to Semeru.

Trekking Mount Semeru 2 Day 1 Night

Hiking to Semeru by Sharing Tour or Private

Meeting new people is always good especially when you do adventure or hiking to Semeru. Though it has been arranged to go to mount Semeru by sharing tour, you will meet some new people who have the same hobby as yours. The trekking and also hiking activities to Mahameru will be fun and you will forget the hardest feeling when you have to hike if you go with other people. You can talk to them, you can chat to them and also you may share your journey stories. You can even sleep with them under the same tent when in Ranu Kumbolo or Kalimati.

Meanwhile, you can get also information about another place you want to visit and they have already visited it. You can get references and though your journey might come to an end after going back to your meeting point, you still can communicate with them through technology devices. It is perfect choice to shared tour during to Semeru.

But, Climb to Mount Semeru by Private Tour is the best choise. Cos many foreign tourists prefer meeting by old friend with same hobby and they love sharing new stories to them. You just need to search for the best tour agent that will serve you the best package to trek to Mahameru as the peak of Semeru. However, you can also choose private tour if you already have a group.

Itinerary for Trekking Semeru Mountain 2D1N from Ranu Pani

Trekking to Semeru by Private Tour it need duration for 2 Days, I think it will be enough for you, and for the itinerary for Trekking Mount Semeru 2D1N please pay attention below:


  1. 07.00am: Having breakfast, then preparation and climb to the Kumbolo lake, this trekking will through 4 post that has duration 4 or 5 hours of light trekking, 
  2. 11.00am: Upon arrival in Kumbolo area, shor break and having lunch. Also you can explore this lake by take pic or just to enjoy the view.
  3. 01.00pm: After that, the trekking trip to be continue to the KALIMATI CAMP, we need 3 hours to trek through Love Hill and Oro-Oro Ombo
  4. 04.00pm: Arrival in Kalimati base camp, sett the tent, enjoy dinner and overnight.


  1. 00.00am: Wake up time, then preparation to do final trip is Semeru Summit.
  2. 00.20am: After having breakfast then climbing to the top of Mahamaru, this trip is starting from Kalimati camp – Cemoro Tunngal then to Mahamaru. Before to do the trek you can bring the carrying some mountain gear such as, masks, sunglasses, gloves, jackets, some snacks, mineral water, and trekking pole. 
  3. 05.00am: After getting the top of Mahameru, you can see the beautiful view from the top and you can see the sunrise.
  4. 06.00am: After feeling enough at the top, you will take a trek back to Kalimati, then to Ranu Kumbolo, Ranu Pani.
  5. 05.00pm: Arrival in Ranu Pani and then to go back to City of Surabaya or Malang and finish program.

Mount Semeru Trekking Facilities During Trip

After reading about package of Trekking Mount Semeru 2 Day 1 Night, please contact our travel agency WA / Phone: +62 85 61999909, if you feel interested with that tour, and for the Price for Climb to Mount Semeru, you will get some facilities as like below:

  1. Private transport tourist car
  2. 1 night camping on KALIMATI (Tent, sleeping bag and mattress)
  3. Some Logistics
  4. Porters in Semeru
  5. Entrance ticket for Semeru by 2 days
  6. Parking fee and toll road
  7. Mineral water during the trip
  8. Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  9. Trekking tour guide
  10. Trekking Semeru for 2 days
  11. Having lunch, dinner and breakfast

Tour Exclude

  1. Travel insurance
  2. Tips for Driver and Guide
  3. Personal expense

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